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12a Andrzeja Street, 40-061 Katowice
phone/fax. (0-32) 251 75 33
e-mail: anioly@anioly24.pl,
www: http://www.anioly24.pl

  The Association of Aid for Children and Adolescents "Dom Aniolów Strózów" was founded in 2001. It associates psychologists, educators and therapists, who have been realising programs of aid to children and youth from marginalised communities in Katowice since 1992.

    Association's goals as formulated in the statute:
    Helping children and young people from marginalised communities, often ill-adjusted as well as to their families through the:
  • forming and running centres, educational and rehabilitation institutions;
  • organising post-rehabilitative aid;
  • carrying on and supporting programs of treatment, education, prevention, psychological, social and legal assistance;
  • organising and participation in conferences, seminars, workshops and training courses within the framework of social pathology issues;
  • co-operation with state institutions and non governmental social organisations from Poland and abroad within the framework of the Association's goals.

  The Association runs therapeutic club rooms for neglected children, program of crisis intervention and does street work. It recruits volunteers and offers training courses for them as well.

    Our Association currently runs 2 projects:
  • "TO BE" Katowice - Sródmiescie - club room, crisis intervention and street work centre;
  • "TO BE" Katowice -Zaleze - club room, street work program;
    Project aims:
  • giving help to children and young people aged 6 - 15 at risk of demoralisation, crimes and addiction through:
    • bringing aid in physical, mental and social development through showing opportunities of solving their problems and teaching the responsibility for decisions they make,
    • acquiring abilities to adjust socially,
    • upbringing work aimed at harmonious growth of personality and cognition, developing skills and interests,
  • offering various forms of spending time that are different to counter-culture and criminal youth groups,
  • counteracting and preventing pathologies within a family, pathology of the process of upbringing children and young people,
  • supporting families, schools, local community in finding solutions of upbringing and educational problems.

  The recipients of the above mentioned projects are also parents, siblings, relatives and guardians of children and young people as well as the local community. The social services, schools, social welfare, the police, courts and other organisations and institutions are indirectly involved into the group of projects' recipients as well.

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