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I. Basic information on the Federation for Social Re-Reintegration

The creation of the Federation was initiated in November 2002 by six non-government organizations from all over Poland, carrying out activities counteracting social marginalization

  • Psycho-Prevention Society (5 divisions)
  • The "Chance" Society for Developing Children's Activities (7 divisions)
  • Society for Re-socialization
  • Foundation "Gniazdo" for People Needing Help
  • Powisle Community Foundation
  • Association of Aid for Children and Adolescent "Dom Aniolow Strozow"

The Federation for Social Re-Integration has been established on February 3, 2003 as an understanding between autonomous non-government organizations, operating in the area of social assistance, social work, health care, re-socialization and education.

Within the scope of the organizations constituting the Federation operate 15 professional groups, which run 51 local facilities. Almost all programmes of the organizations constituting the Federation are addressed to children, adolescent, and families from the marginalized environments.

The organizations constituting the Federation have been cooperating with one another for many years, exchanging experiences, formulating common professional and ethical standards, mutually train their employees, organize common seminars and conferences and strive for integration and professionalization of non-government organizations.

The common aspiration of the organizations constituting the Federation is to elaborate and disseminate effective forms of social re-integration. They support the reform of the present system of health care and re-socialization in favour of work with the family, work in the community and family substitution care. The Federation supports (trains, supervises and provides consulting to) several dozens of organizations and groups dealing with work with the social margin groups all over Poland.

II. Programme of the Federation's activities for 2003.

At the foundation meeting of the Federation the following programme was adopted for 2003:

  1. Registration of the Federation with the Court
  2. Organizing the Federation's Office (facility, documentation, stamps, membership fees, meetings of the Management Board, etc.)
  3. Informing the public institutions and non-government organizations on the creation of the Federation
    1. Developing and posting a web site of the Federation
    2. Developing and disseminating the information folder on the Federation
  4. Entering into cooperation with selected institutions, universities and organizations
  5. Preparing and disseminating the report of the Federation on the situation of children from the marginalized communities
  6. Organizing in the fall all over Poland several conferences under the title "Children without Future"

III. Organizing the FRS Office

In the first half of the year the Federation's Office was organized. The application for the registration of the Federation submitted to the Court. An office facility was found and equipped, a secretary was employed, the accounting services were ensured, the membership fees were established, the regulations and schedule of the Management Board meetings were elaborated. The stamps were made, business cards printed, the letter head paper agreed upon, the graphical logo of the Federation was elaborated. In May 2003 the Federation for Social Re-Integration was registered with the National Court Register.

IV. Information on the creation of the Federation

In the first half of the year the web site was developed and posted which contains basic information on the Federation and on the organizations constituting it. A brochure containing this information was also elaborated and disseminated.

The representatives of the Federation started cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of the National Education and Sport, the Sejm Committee for Social and Family Policy, the Office of the Commissioner for the Civil Rights, the Office of the Children Rights Commissioner, the Council for the Pro Publico Bono Activities, selected scientific institutions and many non-government organizations.

V. Report on the system of counteracting social marginalization in Poland

In our opinion, the situation of children from the marginalized families and communities worsens each year. Currently, the fate of children from about half million of degraded and marginalized families, due to structural unemployment, is determined. The conditions in which they are raised, will make these children passive, helpless, disheartened, and living day by day without future. Few persons see connection between the progressing social marginalization of millions of people in Poland and the increasing violence, crime and addictions. Frequently the solution of the problem of security is perceived only in increasing control and repression of a criminal environments, but the necessity of providing help to the weakest and counteracting the social exclusion are underestimated. We believe these problems should be publicized, the social awareness should awakened, the activities of the state administration, local autorities and NGOs should be joined, discussions and actions should be provoked to counteract the process of social exclusion, and effective programs of social re-integration should be created.

In 2003 our Federation developed and disseminated the report concerning the situation of children from the marginalized communities. This report was disseminated among the public institutions and non-government organizations, raising many comments and an enlivened discussion. The report was then published in the internet, in the conference materials, in the professional press. The evaluation of the situation and the conclusions were also submitted to the press, radio and television.

VI. Conferences of the professional circles

Federation for Social Re-Integration in the period from October 17 to November 20, 2003 organized a series of nine conferences devoted to counteracting the social marginalization entitled: "Children without Future", held in Warsaw, Ek, Wandzin, Krotoszyn, d, Katowice, Skarysko-Kamienna, Zgierz and Otwock. In total 545 persons participated in the conferences. They were the representatives of the state and local autorities organizations, academic circles, public institutions and NGOs acting for the benefit of children, adolescent and families from the marginalized communities, media and students of the last years of social studies.

    The conferences were devoted most of all to:
  1. An attempt to diagnose the causes of social marginalization of children and adolescent in Poland.
  2. The consequences of the process of social exclusion.
  3. Presentation of the programmes of preventing and counteracting the social marginalization.

VII. The costs of activities

I. Sources of funding
1. membership fees 6.000,-
2. subsidies SOS Social Aid Foundation 1.000,-
total 7.000,-
II. The costs of activities
1. stamp fees 889,-
2. banking services 224,-
3. organization (domains, stamps, correspondence, materials) 1.255,-
4. conferences 1.217,-
total 3.585,-

The Federation could reach this year such low costs of its activities only due to voluntary work, free help and resources of the member organizations
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